02 October 2023
Nutrition and health Madagascar

Nutri’zaza, 10 years of action for children and the Malagasy population 

Nutrizaza, entreprise sociale de lutte contre la malnutrition infantile

Fighting child malnutrition is the primary objective of Nutri’zaza, the first ever Malagasy social business, which was created in 2013. Given that chronic malnutrition affects almost 50% of children under the age of five, parents’ lack of knowledge on their specific nutritional needs and the high cost of good-quality infant foods, Nutri’zaza intends to contribute to sustainably addressing these challenges.

“Koba Aina” is a fortified flour developed as part of the Nutrimad programme that is distributed via the innovative network of restaurants for babies called hotelin-jazakely. Today, the latter are distributing 36,200 “Koba Aina” meals in line with children’s nutritional needs on a daily basis. The infant flour and other fortified products are made accessible to the largest possible number of people thanks to Nutri’zaza. GRET and its partners, who set up the business, have demonstrated the importance of placing strong ethical principles at the core of a social business’s governance, to ensure the social objective is met as a priority. 

To celebrate its first 10 years of action, Nutri’zaza brought together all the members of its Management Board for an assessment, which was largely positive as it has maintained all of its commitments. This event provided an opportunity for those present to discuss Nutri’zaza’s future and confirm their common vision. 

To communicate more closely with its target audience, the business retraced the steps in its history through a photo exhibition recalling its mission and its modes of intervention at the Antaninarenina park. 

The teams working at Nutri’zaza ended this celebration by organising a meeting with all of its partners and donors to thank them for their commitment and their support in the fight against malnutrition. Among the latter, the European Union, but also Agence française de développement – which continues to support its development through the Aintsoa project. 

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