18 April 2023
Employment and professional integration

The death of André Delluc

André Delluc, ami et ancien collègue du Gret

Following the recent death of our friend and former colleague André Delluc, GRET shares in his family’s sadness. André was one of GRET’s early pillars, developing its technical teaching and vocational training activities in Africa.

Thanks to a secondment from the French Ministry of Education when he was a secondary school teacher at the Lycée Raspail, André joined GRET in 1983. He developed GRET’s “Trade machinery” unit, which – through contacts with technical high schools and engineering schools – developed appropriate industrial and trade technologies. This unit was soon supported by the French Ministry of Development Cooperation, which was impressed by the twinning actions with technical teaching institutes in Africa.

At the end of the 1980s, the same Ministry funded a network for technical teaching and industrial development called the ETDI network, which worked for a long number of years with technical teachers committed to development cooperation, in particular with the promotion of the “project approach”, which André had already supported when he was a secondary school teacher.

André retired in the early 2000s, and returned to his family’s roots in his beloved Lot region in south-western France, but he continued to keep a close eye on GRET’s work and evolution, still motivated by his wish to transfer knowledge, in keeping with the teacher and pedagogue he had always been. Those who knew him will remember his thoughtfulness, his joviality and above all his generosity. GRET’s thoughts are with his family, especially his son Manuel and his daughter Mona.

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