11 March 2019
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The Maisons du Monde Foundation renews its support for GRET


The Maisons du Monde Foundation, under the auspices of the Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme,  has renewed its support for the “Protecting the last forests on Sainte-Marie Island and its threatened endemic species” project for a further three years. The project is being implemented by GRET’s teams in Madagascar. This partnership, initiated in 2016, made it possible to create the conditions in which local stakeholders could themselves ensure better protection of forests and mangroves, which are threatened by deforestation.

During the first phase of the project (2016 to 2018), forest restoration training was initiated, enabling restoration of 19 hectares of coastal forest and reforestation of 6,000 mangroves.  Inventories of flora and threatened species were also conducted. The project also encouraged the launch of concertation and public consultation for the creation of a protected area. Lastly, socio-economic resilience of the most vulnerable communities was improved thanks to the development of agroecology.

“The Maisons du Monde Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the preservation of forests by and for local populations. This is why its committee reiterated the partnership with GRET, which places the communities of Sainte-Marie at the heart of its forest preservation strategy”, explains Lisa Mimoun, project coordinator with the Foundation. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with GRET for another three-year cycle. This renewal over the long term will make it possible to consolidate the project and develop it for effective protection of the last forests on Sainte-Marie Island.

The Renewal of the Maisons du Monde Foundation’s support for the next three years will enable GRET to strengthen the population’s involvement in the restoration of ecological corridors and the protection of forest ecosystems. This renewal will also enable support to be provided for the creation of a locally governed marine and land protected area and the improvement of local communities’ resilience.

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