Company or foundation


By working with GRET, you are engaging with an innovative international organisation,

rooted in territories, and recognised for its expertise

in numerous areas of sustainable development.

Our experience

The support of foundations and companies, as well as the generosity of citizens are essential to allow GRET to pursue its mission of general interest and to continue to act effectively to meet the challenges of our time. Each of you, in France and internationally, can get involved and make a difference to enable ecological and social transformation, driven by GRET projects.

They trust us

partnership contact


Head of private partnerships at GRET, coordinator of the GRET fund

Tel: +33 (0)1 70 91 92 23

Work with us

There are various ways you can work with us:

  • Sponsorship: provide support in terms of funding or skills to actions led by GRET and its partners.
  • Societal innovation and economic cooperation: together with GRET, co-construct solutions making it possible to respond to the needs of populations and the challenges of ecological transition.
  • Responsible practices: cooperate with GRET to improve your organisation’s social and environmental practices and impacts.

Tax reduction

GRET is a general interest organisation. Payments made to GRET by companies give rise to a 60% corporate income tax reduction (article 238 bis of the French General Tax Code).

Projects carried out together