26 April 2022
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Launch of the annual Jade Program Convention workshops

As part of the Young stakeholders of tomorrow programme agreement (Jade) being rolled out in six countries and aiming to make the subject of young people and overall integration an area of transversal action-research and strategic reflection, GRET held its first annual workshop from 29 November to 3 December 2021.

With a view to training the GRET teams and those of its partners to take young people and overall integration into account in development projects, this event is also a vector for sharing of experiences and best practices, and the development of tools enabling knowledge dissemination.

The first three days of the workshop were devoted to Human training on soft skills and their inclusion in development projects. Delivered by NGOs Muva and Essor, this training made it possible to present all of the training modules, to raise the awareness of GRET and its partners on this methodology, to determine how to include this Human training in projects and to lay the bases for a partnership with the trainer NGOs.

The last two days provided an opportunity to progress reflection on the subject of overall integration and its operationalisation in vocational training projects. This reflection drew on Traverses 48 in particular, which presents tools to make young people stakeholders in their own integration and in the development of their territories.

The seminar also made it possible to present the various projects included in the Jade programme agreement and to distribute documents and tools produced as part of the programme, in particular the first summary brief on the employment potential of ecological transition.

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